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Christopher Kelly Groth grew up on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. His influences span decades of great music from every genre out there. He covers Led Zeppelin, Dave Mathews, Tool, Pink Floyd, Sublime, Kings of Leon, Elton John, Ray Lamontagne, Michael Jackson  and many more.

Chris has been gigging regularly mostly around the Lake Minnetonka area and loves the energy the lake atmosphere brings. It’s really all about the energy. He has a powerful yet passionate voice that is very original yet is able to play inspired covers that are genuine in every way. His acoustic driven compositions grab you and pull you close creating a comfortable, vulnerable space, relating to the listener in an intimate way. If you haven’t caught a live show, be sure to check out his calendar as it is for sure a great live performance and one to come back to.

Chris is available via solo acoustic or with his band for private parties, weddings, corporate events as well as performing for local restaurant bar venues.

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